Great expectations- the dawning of my Japanese dream.


Paris, London, New York and Tokyo.

These great capital cities conjure up their own original sounds, sights and smells.

I will finally have the opportunity to live briefly in amongst the throngs of Tokyo.

I can’t wait to visit the hustle and bustle of the Tokyo subway, to join in the crowds at Shibuya Crossing, take in the sensory experience that is Tokyo fish market and wander peacefully through the autumn leaves in Tokyo’s famous gardens.

Hopefully there will be a chance to get to a baseball game, visit a Sumo stable ,sing along at Karioki and dine with owls!

I wonder what images and memories Tokyo will etch in my mind and what special moments will touch my heart?

Does anyone have any “must do” suggestions for my five days in Tokyo?

Ramen, Okonomiyaki or Shabu Shabu


The new direct flights to Narita airport were just too good to overlook… so once again impulse took over!

I am off to Japan.  The more research I do, the more torn I have become.   There is so much to see, so many places to stay, ways to get there, and food to taste.  I am experiencing information overload and a strange mix of anxiety, tinged with excitement.

I love the thrill of the unknown and the intensity of new experiences.  On the other hand – I like to make sure I use my time and money wisely.  I want an action packed experience but want to take time to enjoy things.  I love being an independent spirit but want to connect with people.

Stick with me as I grapple with the mountain of choices available to visitors to Japan.

I plan to share my Japanese dream, journey and destinations I visit.  I always enjoy my adventures and I hope to share  my fun with you too.