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Day 14 -Wandering through time

Despite the light rain our day in Kanazawa was a delight.  From our homestay we ventured through the local streets, visiting Ochaya Shima, a National Important Cultural Asset.  These preserved buildings were once a high-class eastern pleasure quarter, established in 1820.  This is where geishas performed and entertained.

Using the JR bus we returned to the tourist information office at Kanazawa station and they assist us to book a tour at the Myoryui Temple, nick named ninja temple because of the many hidden staircases and traps.  This tour required pre-booking and was totally in Japanese however they did have a folder with an English translation of features. A very unique building and worth seeing.  We visited this in the afternoon.

Next we visited the famous Kenroken Garden and Kanazawa Castle Park.  There were so many beautiful garden settings and vistas.  There was a tea ceremony underway in the gardens.

Kanazawa is a modern city with strong and proud ties to the past. The market stalls, shopping malls, Halloween fun and modern trains clearly provide this contrast.