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A long Hard Day… Ennerdale Bridge to Rosthwaite … 26 Kms of Adventure!

Gloomy skies greeted us and some indecision. After a very pleasant evening spent at the Fox and Hounds we contemplated which side of Ennerdale Waters we should walk. The inclement weather forecast helped us decide to take the lower path along the water. Not sure this was the best choice as the path was inundated with overflow. Rather than get our boots wet we waded slowly through the flood water. Our toughened Aussie feet, used to walking barefoot in the bush held up well. We kept our boots dry, ready for the challenge that awaited us at Black Sails.

Sometimes reading ahead pays off and indeed this was the case for the climb ahead. Instructions in the guidebooks warn about taking the most obvious path away from Black Sails downhill towards the water course. The hint was to look for the track behind Black Sails which would lead upward and would not involve a difficult traverse over the brook. After much deliberation over our coffee we were lucky to chat to a professional guide who confirmed the best path.

It was steep, it was scenic and everything we had expected from this hike. How proud did we feel to step out on top and revel in the scenery.

What an exhilarating day. Memories to treasure and be proud of.